Personal Spiritual EnlightenmentPersonal Spiritual Enlightenment and Yo:
An Article by Jeff Danelek

Of all the classes I teach at CFU, my favorite has to be Personal Spiritual Enlightenment and You. I’ve been facilitating that class for over a year now and always come away from it feeling refreshed and excited about the role of Spirit in my life and in the lives of others.
What makes it that way? My students, of course! It’s always exciting to see how others are moving along their path towards spiritual consciousness and understanding. Every student has a story to tell, and it’s fun to compare their experiences with my own, as well as with others in the group. It’s amazing what Spirit is accomplishing in the hearts and minds of those who are heeding the higher call the Universe has sent their way.

Jeff Danelek

Jeff Danelek

I like to use a left brain/right brain approach to the subject of spirituality, both to clarify exactly what it is as well as understanding how it impacts our lives in so many wonderful ways. I work a lot from the writings of Eckhardt Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and Neal Donald Walsch as well as a range of well known—and lesser well known—spiritual teachers (including, I might add, Jesus and the Buddha) in an effort to gather wisdom from whatever source offers it.
While, I use a Power Point presentation to keep me on track, there are plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions. And, I’ll share a few stories along the way. The slides actually seem to encourage students to share their own personal experiences, making the class a treat for both the mind and the heart—and, of course, the soul. Whether it’s a single student or a dozen, we never fail to get into a rousing and—at times—even passionate discussion about any number of things, from the nature of God and the universe to whether such a thing as evil exists and how it might impact our world and our spiritual evolution. In the end, everyone’s voice is heard, and we all come away from these discussions with something new to consider or even a never before imagined fresh perspective on life! (I know I often do!)
So who is this class for? Simply put, it’s for spiritual seekers! Are you one of those people who wonder why they’re here on this planet and what your purpose in life really is? Then this class is for you. Do you long for a relationship with the divine but find traditional church a turn off and wonder if there’s another option out there? Then this class is for you. Or do you just feel led to push yourself beyond your comfort zone where spirituality is concerned and see what more is out there? Then this class is definitely for you! Whether you are sixteen or sixty-six, I promise to make you feel welcome and a part of something bigger than yourself! Find your own path toward personal spiritual enlightenment.
I only run this class every other month (for now) so don’t put it off any longer. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story, and maybe together we can explore the ever amazing and extraordinary world of Spirit in a way we never could alone! What have you got to lose—besides the sense of having to tackle life’s biggest questions all alone?
Jeff Danelek
Jeff is not currently teaching this class at CFU, but we hope that you find the information useful.

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