Creativa | fotolia.comAt CFU we offer a wide range of classes to  help you start your New Year right!  CFU has all your bases covered for 2015, whether your goals are personal or professional.  See all of the January classes or browse through a sampling of what we have coming up:
Health and Wellness:
1/8/15–Clean Living:  Managing Toxins for Optimal Wellness
1/8/15–Mindful Eating
Starts 1/9/15 (3 weeks)–Don’t Weight Any Longer!: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
1/13/15–Authentically Energized: Get Healthy and Lose Weight by Mastering Your Energy
1/17/15–Healthy Homemade Tacos
1/17/15–Relfexology 101: Step into Bliss & Health
1/25/15–Easy Steps to Zumba(R) Class!
1/31/15–A Taste of Yoga
Personal Growth:
1/4/15–Treasure Mapping: Create a Map for Your Life’s Vision
Starts 1/5/15 (4 weeks)–Mindfulness 101: Skills for Living in Awareness
1/1015–Asset-Based Thinking:  Find the Key to Live Change
1/13/15–Overcoming Shyness & Social Anxiety
1/14/15–Win-Win Conflict Resolution for Long-Term Results
1/15/15–The Enneagram: A Tool for Personal & Professional Transformation
1/17/15–Mongo Downsizing: Make a Fresh Start in a New Way
1/17/15–Yoga of the Mind: A Centering and Grounding Practice
1/17/15–Navigating Divorce: Process, Paperwork, & Resources
1/18/15–Introduction to Kabbalah
1/24/15–Yoga Thinking: Mental Practice for Daily Life
1/24/15–The Inner Beauty Journey
1/28/15–Improv for Everybody! Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life!
1/28 & 2/4/15–Connected & Committed Relationships: Rekindling Romance, Intimacy and Passion
Starts 1/30/15 (4 weeks)–Intuitive Development: Creating Your Spiritual ID
1/29/15–Loving Relationships: You’re Worthy of Deep Connections1/31/15–Brain  Boot Camp:  Change Your Brian, Change Your Life
Career Change or Possibilities:
1/10/15–Relevant Resumes and Other Job Search Essentials
1/24–Making Money from Thrifting: Modern Day Treasure-Hunting
1/24/15–Ace the Interview:  Techniques to Land the Job You Really Want
1/31/15–Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile