Let’s Get Singing

with Cindy Williams
There are so many things that signify the approach of the Winter Holiday season; the lights, decorations, visits with friends and family. But for me, what epitomizes it most is music.  Music seems to play everywhere this time of year – or is it just that I’m attuned to it more earnestly?!  Whether it’s the bright sound of trumpets or the fluidity of violins or the lilting sounds of a holiday choir, the music fills me with happiness.
It seems our world is full of strife these days, and it’s easy to allow ourselves to become bogged down by it.  We must respond to hunger and homelessness (and other issues that tug at our heartstrings) in whatever ways we can make a helpful contribution.  But perhaps we should also be kind to ourselves by encouraging more music in our own lives.
Let’s Get Singing is a regular 3-session class that vocal coach Cindy Williams offers.  She also does and independent student, one-on-one coaching.
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Cindy Williams