Short-term home rental instructor

Julie Robinson

Short-Term Home Rental: Is Hosting Your Home Right For You?
Short-term home rental has become a way for folks to make money and enrich their lives.
Before becoming an innkeeper, Julie Robinson, owner of Boho Hospitality, had many questions.
Robinson is partnering with Colorado Free University to offer two courses on short-term home renatal and share what she has learned about renting rooms, homes and property to short-term tenants.
“When short-term home rental started becoming popular, I had a lot of questions and concerns. I had no idea where to find the answers,” Robinson said. “What if the guests trash the house? What about angry neighbors? What should I do with guests I didn’t like? Starting a short-term rental is easy, it’s the learning curve that can be pretty steep once you’re hosting guests.”
Today, businesses like AirBNB make it so all you need is an extra room, or house, and a smartphone to start making money with vacation rentals. Regulations vary in different cities, and these courses will explain everything participants need to know about hosting your own Do-It Yourself (DIY) Inn.
On Oct. 6, 2018, Robinson offers the class “DIY Inns: Is Hosting Vacation Rentals Right for You?”  This two-hour and a half seminar will teach participants all about DIY Inns including: how different home environments can be adapted for short-term renting, how to make the most money out of a space, and the intrinsic value of opening up their doors to the world.
In the afternoon on the 6th, “Everything You Need to Know About Vacation Rentals” will teach participants how to design their space, market their listing, manage time and guests, and make the most of the hospitality experience. Participants for both classes should come prepared to ask questions.
Robinson has been hosting vacation rentals since 2011. Today, she helps others achieve their dreams by helping them become successful short-term hosts.
“Boho Hospitality helps people create their personal brand of hospitality,” Robinson said. “That way they get guests who not only return, but they also suggest the property to their friends — we build daydreams.”
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