Offer a class

We at Colorado Free University unequivocally affirm that Black Lives Matter. CFU is committed to providing classes that speak to the needs of our entire community. People 17 and older of all races, ethnicities, educational levels, and immigration status are welcome to take our classes.

In addition, we strive to have diversity among our instructors and want everyone in the community to feel welcome to propose classes that they might want to offer.  We seek people with passion and expertise who want to share their knowledge and skills.

 CFU is a learning network where instructors propose courses based on their interests and expertise.  We seek classes that offer usable information and practical skills and enrichment. We just went to press with our summer/early fall 2020 course catalog.  It is time to begin programming new class for the fall and into 2021.

This round we particularly welcome course proposals that deal with subjects of racism, white privilege, income inequality, and ways that organizations can grow in their approaches to diversity, equity and inclusion. We would like to offer educational experiences that can help individuals and organization deepen their understanding of the issues that face us today so that all might become better equipped to find new directions for ourselves and our organizations.

During this round of adding new classes, we are also interested in offering more art classes that can be taught online, using Instagram for business promotion, and classes to support people in their job searches. Other topics of interest to us are enhancing vocabulary, ways to improve memory, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese. And, we welcome your ideas for classes that you believe would add value to our community.