Beginning Feng Shui with Sandi Miller

Sandi Rose Miller

Beginning Feng Shui can be daunting. Author/speaker/consultant Sandi Rose Miller has created a class at CFU based on her popular book The Art of Living – Feng Shui YOUR Way. In her book and in her interactive class, she dispels the myth that there is only one right way to do Feng Shui.
Feng Shui is all about balancing energy environmentally as well as personally.  And because every person is different, the environment in which they feel most at home is uniquely individual as well.  That’s why there’s no “one size fits all” in Feng Shui.
Our goal in beginning Feng Shui is to discover what “stuck, stagnant” energy (chi) feels like and how to identify it when encountered.  We’ll discuss a variety of ways to get energy flowing and create a renewed sense of environmental vibrancy, balance and flow.

Clutter Clearing: A Good Place to Start

Clutter clearing is a very powerful way to begin the process but it can be overwhelming at first because many of us have so much of it!  So, as you are beginning Feng Shui, take stock the clutter in your environment.

  • What is clutter:  Anything you don’t use, love, need or no longer serves a purpose in your life.
  • The key question: Do you own your things or do they own you?

Clutter clearing tips:

  • Begin with levels of annoyance…work on areas you find most annoying first! (Messy kitchen junk drawer, crammed hallway closet, stuffed linen cabinet, etc.)
  • Start with what you know you can live without…don’t give up what you’re not yet ready to part with.
  • Tackle bite-size chunks…don’t try to do too much clutter clearing at any one time.
  • Set a timer…30 minutes can make a difference in a cluttered space without becoming overwhelming.
  • Basic rule of thumb:  If you forgot you even had it…don’t keep it!


We do not currently have a Feng Shui class at CFU, but we hope that this information is useful to you.  Visit for classes that we are currently offering.