Interpret Your Dreams course

You will dream tonight.  Even if you don’t remember having a dream, you have dreamed.  

So then, why are there so many dreams you don’t remember? 

One reason is that many dreams bypass your mind are written upon your heart.  You don’t remember them because they’re written in disappearing ink.  Another reason you may not remember your dreams is that you’ve made a vow when you were young to put a stop to nightmares.  Whatever the reason you don’t generally remember your dreams, you can do something about it.

To remember your dreams you must honor your dreams. 

You must be intentional about your dreams.  You must make a record of your dreams.  That sounds like a lot of effort.  But why would you go to any effort to remember something that western society gives little or no credence?  It’s worth the effort because wrapped up within a dream’s mystery are many kinds of treasure.  Google is a great example.

Larry Page had a dream one night of downloading and storing the internet on individual computers.  When he awoke, he was curious to see if it was possible so he did the math.  There was simply too much data for it to work, but he could save them all as individual links.  This gave him the idea of creating a searchable database made up of links to web pages.  Google was born soon after.

Perhaps the most famous Beatles song “Yesterday” was another such treasure.  The tune came to Paul McCartney in a dream.  He awoke with the tune stuck in his head and picked it out on the piano, giving it the temporary title “Scrambled Eggs”.  Believing that he must have heard the tune somewhere before, he shopped it around to people in the music industry to find out where it might have come from.  No one in the industry had ever heard it before.  When he realized he was given an original piece of music in a dream, he fleshed it out and it became the song we all know and love.

What kind of treasure can be found in a dream of the average dreamer?  I’ve seen encouragement, heart healing, and, believe it or not, the revealing of the dreamer’s life purpose. Interpreting dreams can be the gateway to insight and growth.

Who knows what treasure you can find hidden within your dreams?  

You will dream tonight.  Even if you don’t remember having a dream, you have dreamed.  

Dreams Unveiled

Are you intrigued by your dreams and what they can reveal? Curt Johnson teaches a three-week workshop to help you plumb the depths of your nighttime musings Starts 9/7 (3 weeks)–Dreams Unveiled.

Based on a Hebraic method of interpreting dreams, this workshop offers tools for unlocking the mystery of dreams. You will begin to learn the language and decode the symbols. Explore the need for objectivity and how not to make assumptions. Gain insight into how to look at context, find the focus of a dream, and take account of the dreamer’s emotions. Understand the principle of simplicity and how dreams convey meaning through metaphor. Learn to identify patterns in short, medium, and long dreams. We’ll discuss 15 of the most common dreams and their meanings and go on to work through the dreams shared by class participants. Curt Johnson is a student and collector of dreams. He’s been studying dreams and discovering their hidden meanings for five years. Facilitator of a prophetic dream group, he has interpreted thousands of dreams and continues to show dreamers the truth behind their dreams on a daily basis.

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